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Back Once Again (XG).mid
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Copyright©Marlon Chesterman April 1998
Track 0
NameBack Once Again!
You Heard Me!
TextMarlon Chesterman <The BeaTMaSTeR>

Play It LOUD!!! Or else.

Hi y'all! This is my new track <Back Once Again!>

Please play it through right from beginning to end and don't skip any bits!

I haven't 'released' any xg tracks recently because I have been making songs which use both my AWE64G and my SW60XG.
Track 1
Name Back Once Again!
Track 2
Name presented by
Track 3
NameThe one and only BangthatBeaTMaSTeR!
Track 4
NameOf PartyTraxx Unlimited (We're Still here! Oh yes).
Track 5
NamePlay It LOUD!
Track 6
Name©Marlon Chesterman April 1998
Track 7
NameRead the readme. now.
Track 8
NameE-mail me: f2085@mcb.rmplc.co.uk
Track 9
NameTell me what you think!
Track 10
NameYou don't like it? That's fine with me!
Track 11
NameYou do like it? Hey, great!
Track 12
NameHey you! Crank up the volume!
Track 13
NameThis fine production was brought to you
Track 14
Namewith the letters L and D and the number 3
Track 15
Track 16