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Running From The Pain (XG).mid
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CopyrightCopyright © 1998 by Mario
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NameRunning from the Pain
Aka "best piece of gear is....." hi UWE :-)
TextMario Lindback

XG only

Running from the Pain. Is very different , dark and maybe weird grandpiano piece.

About a man with great pain in his soul. Trying to run away from the darkness in his

wounds , by "trying having fun". Thats why you might hear both sadness and a

little bit of fun mixed together.

Anyhow.... This is what I'm trying to express here. I've kept it unquantized to keep

the touch of my mood while I recorded it.

Dedicated to a wonderful woman named "Maria".

Greetings to Sascha , Xscape , Keyboardwizard and Fireman.

Copyright Ѕ 1998 - 10 - 15 by Mario Lindback. member of Dharma.
Track 1
NameCopyright © 1998 by Mario Lindback