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Princess (XG).mid
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CopyrightCopyright © 1999 by Mr J P Wilson
Track 0
NameGeneral MIDI Authoring Template
TextMr J P Wilson
Use this template to create new GM compatiable MIDI files.
MIDI file publishers and hardware manufacturers, such as Roland Corp. and Tune 1000 have introduced more detailed conventions for authoring standard MIDI files for GM devices. These conventions are intended to produce consistent, error-free results when

Song Tempo should remain within the range of 30-240bpm

MIDI Channel Recommended Instrumentation

1 Piano Solo (Left & Right Hand)

2 Bass Instrument

3 Primary Accompaniment (or for Left-hand part when using split Piano parts)

4 Primary Melodic Instrument* (or for Right-hand part when using split Piano parts)

5 Secondary Accompaniment

6 Secondary Melodic Instrument

7 Alternative 1

8 Alternative 2

9 Alternative 3

10 Drums & Percussion

11 --Reserved--

12 --Reserved--

13 --Reserved--

14 --Reserved--

15 --Reserved--

16 --Reserved--

*Lyrics should be placed on Channel 4