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Путь: /Анонимная, Неотсортированная И Другая Музыка/Gymnoped.mid

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Track 0
TextPrel 6/ Fug C-min/ Fug 10
CLICK HERE FOR INFO This sequence is ТNocturn in EbУ by Chopin. I
t sounds best when played back with a piano sound on your synthesizer. All t
racks should be assigned to the same MIDI playback channel. The sequence con
tains many tempo changes and [click *here* and drag down for more...] dynamic
s (volume changes). Pleas refer to the comments window next to each track fo
r info about that track. Sit back and enjoy the music!
Treble Track info This track contains the treble (right hand) part of
this piano piece. The treble and bass parts have been separated into separa
te tracks so that they will be transcribed on separate staves when transferre
d to Professional ComposerЄ.
Sus. Track info This track contains MIDI Controller #64's. Contro
ller #64 is a MIDI controller that has two values, ON or OFF, which control t
he sustain on the synthesizer. When performer plays a controller #64, it is
just like pressing the sustain pedal on your [click *here* and pull down for
more...] synthesizer. In fact, if you press the sustain pedal while recordi
ng, a controller #64 will be recorded by Performer.
Dynamics Track info This track contains controller #7's, which control v
olume on the synthesizer. Controller #7's have values between 0 (softest) to
127 (loudest). As in this track, volume controllers can create smooth cresc
endos and decrescendos, as well as sudden volume changes.
Prel 6/ Fug C-min/ Fug 10
CLICK HERE FOR INFO This sequence is ТNocturn in EbУ by Chopin. I
Track 1
NameRight Hand
Track 2
NameRight Hand 2
Track 3
NameLeft Hand
Track 4
Track 5
NamePedal 2
Track 6
Track 7
NameDynamics 2