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Liberi Fatali1.mid
File size63 Kb
CopyrightCOMPOSED By ђAЏјђL•v
Track 0
NameFINAL FANTASY VIII ЃuLiberi FataliЃv for SC-88Pro
Track 1
NameSystem Mode 1(GS Reset)
Track 2
NameSystem Setup
Track 3
NameA1-Choir Aahs
Track 4
NameA2-Choir Aahs
Track 5
NameA3-Choir Aahs
Track 6
NameA4-Choir Aahs
Track 7
NameA5-Strings :
Track 8
NameA6-Strings :
Track 9
NameA7-Strings :
Track 10
NameA8-Strings :
Track 11
NameA9-Strings :
Track 12
Track 13
NameSuspented Cymbal
Track 14
NameB7-Small Taiko
Track 15
Track 16
Track 17
Track 18
NameA12-Piano 1w
Track 19
NameTublar Bell
Track 20
NameA14-Flute Exp.
Track 21
NameFlute 2nd
Track 22
Track 23
NameClarinet 2nd
Track 24
NameA13-Dual Horns
Track 25
NameHorn 2nd
Track 26
NameB1-Bright Tp.
Track 27
NameB2-Trombone 2
Track 28
NameB3-Tuba 2
Track 29
Track 30
NameB5-Violin Atk:
Track 31
NameB6-Violin Atk:
Track 32
NameB9-Wide FreHrns
Track 33
NameB10-Brass 1
Track 34
NameB11-Trumpet 2
Track 35
NameB12-Bright Str:
Track 36
NameB13-Bright Str:
Track 37
NameB14-Viola Atk.:
Track 38
NameB15-Cello sect.
Track 39
FINAL FANTASY VIII ЃuLiberi FataliЃv for SC-88ProConductor Track2
4Part B5 Ch. Msg Rx Port : Port APart B6 Ch. Msg Rx Port : Port APart B9 Ch. Msg Rx Port : Port APart B9 Rx. Channel : Channel 13Part B10 Rx. Channel : Channel 1Part B11 Rx. Channel : Channel 2Part B12 Ch. Msg Rx Port : Port APart B12 Rx. Channel : Channel 5Part B13 Ch. Msg Rx Port : Port APart B13 Rx. Channel : Channel 6Part B14 Ch. Msg Rx Port : Port APart B14 Rx. Channel : Channel 7Part B15 Ch. Msg Rx Port : Port APart B15 Rx. Channel : Channel 8Part B16 Ch. Msg Rx Port : Port APart B16 Rx. Channel : Channel 9Start of Setup by GSAE : 64Master Tune : 77Reverb Macro : Hall 1Reverb Level : 98Reverb Predelay Time : 10Chorus Send Level To Reverb : 50Chorus Send Level To Delay : 30Delay Pre-LPF : 7Delay Time Center : 60.00msDelay Time Ratio Left : 258% (154.80ms)Delay Time Ratio Right : 258% (154.80ms)Delay Level Center : 67Delay Level Left : 47Delay Level Right : 47Delay Feedback : +43Delay Send Level To Reverb : 30EQ Low Freq : 400HzEQ Low Gain : +3EQ High Gain : +7Part A1 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part A1 CC1 Amplitude Control : +63Part A1 CC2 Amplitude Control : +36Part A2 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part A2 CC1 Amplitude Control : +63Part A2 CC2 Amplitude Control : +36Part A3 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part A3 CC1 Amplitude Control : +63Part A3 CC2 Amplitude Control : +36Part A4 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part A4 CC1 Amplitude Control : +63Part A4 CC2 Amplitude Control : +36Part A5 EQ On
Off : OFFPart A5 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part A6 EQ On
Off : OFFPart A6 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part A7 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part A8 EQ On
Off : OFFPart A8 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part A9 EQ On
Off : OFFPart A9 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part A10 EQ On
Off : OFFPart A11 EQ On
Off : OFFPart A11 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part A12 EQ On
Off : OFFPart A12 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part A13 EQ On
Off : OFFPart A13 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part A14 EQ On
Off : OFFPart A14 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part A15 EQ On
Off : OFFPart A15 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part A16 EQ On
Off : OFFPart A16 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part B1 EQ On
Off : OFFPart B1 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part B1 CC1 TVF Cutoff Control : +33Part B1 CC1 Amplitude Control : +50Part B2 EQ On
Off : OFFPart B2 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part B3 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part B4 EQ On
Off : OFFPart B4 CC1 TVF Cutoff Control : +56Part B4 CC1 Amplitude Control : +63Part B5 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part B6 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part B7 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part B8 EQ On
Off : OFFPart B8 Use for Rythm Part : Drum Map 1Part B9 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part B10 EQ On
Off : OFFPart B10 Use for Rythm Part : NormalPart B10 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part B11 EQ On
Off : OFFPart B11 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part B12 EQ On
Off : OFFPart B12 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part B13 EQ On
Off : OFFPart B13 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part B14 EQ On
Off : OFFPart B14 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part B15 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part B16 EQ On
Off : OFFPart B16 Bend Pitch Control : +16Part A1 Bank Select MSB : 0Part A1 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart A1 Program Change : 52Part A1 Volume : 127Part A1 Panpot : L19Part A1 Reverb Send Level : 80Part A1 Chorus Send Level : 50Part A1 Delay Send Level : 90Part A1 Attack Time : -7Drum A1 CncrtSnr Pitch : -4Drum A1 Con.SD Pitch : -3Drum A1 CncrtSnr Level : 107Drum A1 Con.SD Level : 107Drum A1 Con.SD Level : 107Drum A1 Con.Cym2 Level : 117Drum A1 CncrtSnr Panpot : L11Drum A1 Con.SD Panpot : L15Drum A1 Con.Cym2 Panpot : R10Drum A1 CncrtSnr Reverb : 127Drum A1 CncrtSnr Chorus : 90Drum A1 Con.SD Chorus : 90Drum A1 Con.SD Chorus : 90Drum A1 Con.Cym2 Chorus : 60Drum A1 Con.Cym1 Chorus : 20Drum A1 Timp.A Chorus : 127Drum A1 Timp.d Chorus : 127Drum B1 Big Gong Level : 127Drum B1 Big Gong Panpot : CenterDrum B1 Big Gong Chorus : 127End of Setup by GSAESopranoPart A2 Bank Select MSB : 0Part A2 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart A2 Program Change : 52Part A2 Volume : 127Part A2 Panpot : L4Part A2 Reverb Send Level : 80Part A2 Chorus Send Level : 50Part A2 Delay Send Level : 90Part A2 Attack Time : -7AltoPart A3 Bank Select MSB : 0Part A3 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart A3 Program Change : 52Part A3 Volume : 97Part A3 Panpot : R6Part A3 Reverb Send Level : 80Part A3 Chorus Send Level : 50Part A3 Delay Send Level : 90Part A3 Attack Time : -7TenorPart A4 Bank Select MSB : 0Part A4 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart A4 Program Change : 52Part A4 Volume : 97Part A4 Panpot : R21Part A4 Reverb Send Level : 80Part A4 Chorus Send Level : 50Part A4 Delay Send Level : 90Part A4 Attack Time : -7BassPart A5 Bank Select MSB : 0Part A5 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart A5 Program Change : 48Part A5 Volume : 115Part A5 Panpot : L39Part A5 Reverb Send Level : 70Part A5 Chorus Send Level : 87Part A5 Delay Send Level : 50Part A5 Cutoff Frequency : +63Violin 1stPart A6 Bank Select MSB : 0Part A6 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart A6 Program Change : 48Part A6 Volume : 115Part A6 Panpot : L24Part A6 Reverb Send Level : 70Part A6 Chorus Send Level : 87Part A6 Delay Send Level : 50Part A6 Cutoff Frequency : +63Violin 2ndPart A7 Bank Select MSB : 0Part A7 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart A7 Program Change : 48Part A7 Volume : 105Part A7 Panpot : R1Part A7 Reverb Send Level : 50Part A7 Chorus Send Level : 90Part A7 Delay Send Level : 90Part A7 Cutoff Frequency : +63ViolaPart A8 Bank Select MSB : 0Part A8 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart A8 Program Change : 48Part A8 Volume : 95Part A8 Panpot : R11Part A8 Reverb Send Level : 80Part A8 Chorus Send Level : 30Part A8 Delay Send Level : 90Part A8 Cutoff Frequency : +63CelloPart A9 Bank Select MSB : 0Part A9 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart A9 Program Change : 48Part A9 Volume : 122Part A9 Panpot : R26Part A9 Reverb Send Level : 70Part A9 Chorus Send Level : 30Part A9 Delay Send Level : 90Part A9 Cutoff Frequency : +63ContrabassPart A10 Bank Select MSB : 0Part A10 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart A10 Program Change : 48Part A10 Volume : 125Part A10 Panpot : CenterPart A10 Reverb Send Level : 107Part A10 Chorus Send Level : 90Part A10 Delay Send Level : 127Part A10 Decay Time : +10Snare DrumPart B7 Bank Select MSB : 1Part B7 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart B7 Program Change : 116Part B7 Volume : 122Part B7 Panpot : L20Part B7 Reverb Send Level : 87Part B7 Chorus Send Level : 30Part B7 Delay Send Level : 30Gran CassaPart B8 Bank Select MSB : 0Part B8 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart B8 Program Change : 49Part B8 Volume : 122Part B8 Panpot : CenterPart B8 Reverb Send Level : 107Part B8 Chorus Send Level : 60Part B8 Attack Time : +10GongPart B4 Bank Select MSB : 0Part B4 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart B4 Program Change : 13Part B4 Volume : 102Part B4 Panpot : CenterPart B4 Reverb Send Level : 100Part B4 Chorus Send Level : 20Part B4 Delay Send Level : 60Part B4 Cutoff Frequency : +63XylophonePart A11 Bank Select MSB : 0Part A11 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart A11 Program Change : 46Part A11 Volume : 95Part A11 Panpot : L49Part A11 Reverb Send Level : 47Part A11 Chorus Send Level : 30Part A11 Delay Send Level : 127Part A11 Cutoff Frequency : +16HarpPart A12 Bank Select MSB : 8Part A12 Bank Select LSB : 88MapPart A12 Program Change : 0Part A12 Volume : 122Part A12 Panpot : L24Part A12 Reverb Send Level : 87Part A12 Chorus Send Level : 10Part A12 Delay Send Level : 90Part A12 Cutoff Frequency : +63PianoPart A14 Bank Select MSB : 2Part A14 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart A14 Program Change : 73Part A14 Volume : 105Part A14 Panpot : L14Part A14 Reverb Send Level : 60Part A14 Chorus Send Level : 20Part A14 Cutoff Frequency : -6Flute 1stPart A15 Bank Select MSB : 0Part A15 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart A15 Program Change : 71Part A15 Volume : 105Part A15 Panpot : L9Part A15 Reverb Send Level : 107Part A15 Chorus Send Level : 0Part A15 Cutoff Frequency : +63Part A15 Resonance : +10Clarinet 1stPart A13 Bank Select MSB : 9Part A13 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart A13 Program Change : 60Part A13 Volume : 127Part A13 Panpot : L29Part A13 Reverb Send Level : 127Part A13 Chorus Send Level : 20Part A13 Delay Send Level : 87Part A13 Cutoff Frequency : +26HornPart B1 Bank Select MSB : 24Part B1 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart B1 Program Change : 56Part B1 Volume : 90Part B1 Panpot : L20Part B1 Reverb Send Level : 127Part B1 Chorus Send Level : 30Part B1 Delay Send Level : 127Part B1 Cutoff Frequency : +21Trumpet 1stPart B2 Bank Select MSB : 1Part B2 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart B2 Program Change : 57Part B2 Volume : 108Part B2 Panpot : R20Part B2 Reverb Send Level : 100Part B2 Chorus Send Level : 57Part B2 Delay Send Level : 100Part B2 Cutoff Frequency : +10Trombone 1stPart B3 Bank Select MSB : 1Part B3 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart B3 Program Change : 58Part B3 Volume : 112Part B3 Panpot : R36Part B3 Reverb Send Level : 70Part B3 Chorus Send Level : 30Part B3 Delay Send Level : 80Part B3 Cutoff Frequency : +63Part B3 Resonance : +10TubaPart A16 Bank Select MSB : 0Part A16 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart A16 Program Change : 47Part A16 Volume : 122Part A16 Panpot : L14Part A16 Reverb Send Level : 87Part A16 Chorus Send Level : 30Part A16 Delay Send Level : 50Part A16 Cutoff Frequency : +6TimpaniPart B5 Bank Select MSB : 1Part B5 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart B5 Program Change : 40Part B5 Volume : 60Part B5 Panpot : L29Part B5 Reverb Send Level : 70Part B5 Chorus Send Level : 30Part B5 Delay Send Level : 90Part B5 Attack Time : +3Part B6 Bank Select MSB : 1Part B6 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart B6 Program Change : 40Part B6 Volume : 60Part B6 Panpot : L14Part B6 Reverb Send Level : 70Part B6 Chorus Send Level : 30Part B6 Delay Send Level : 90Part B6 Attack Time : +3Part B9 Bank Select MSB : 3Part B9 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart B9 Program Change : 60Part B9 Volume : 122Part B9 Panpot : L9Part B9 Reverb Send Level : 127Part B9 Chorus Send Level : 107Part B9 Delay Send Level : 70Part B10 Bank Select MSB : 0Part B10 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart B10 Program Change : 61Part B10 Volume : 95Part B10 Panpot : R10Part B10 Reverb Send Level : 127Part B10 Chorus Send Level : 127Part B10 Delay Send Level : 127Part B10 Attack Time : +5Part B11 Bank Select MSB : 1Part B11 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart B11 Program Change : 56Part B11 Volume : 112Part B11 Panpot : R20Part B11 Reverb Send Level : 40Part B11 Chorus Send Level : 77Part B11 Delay Send Level : 100Part B12 Bank Select MSB : 1Part B12 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart B12 Program Change : 48Part B12 Volume : 122Part B12 Panpot : L19Part B12 Reverb Send Level : 70Part B12 Chorus Send Level : 70Part B12 Delay Send Level : 50Part B12 Cutoff Frequency : +63Part B12 Resonance : +10Part B13 Bank Select MSB : 1Part B13 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart B13 Program Change : 48Part B13 Volume : 122Part B13 Panpot : L4Part B13 Reverb Send Level : 70Part B13 Chorus Send Level : 70Part B13 Delay Send Level : 50Part B13 Cutoff Frequency : +63Part B13 Resonance : +10Part B14 Bank Select MSB : 1Part B14 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart B14 Program Change : 41Part B14 Volume : 88Part B14 Panpot : R11Part B14 Reverb Send Level : 50Part B14 Chorus Send Level : 30Part B14 Delay Send Level : 90Part B15 Bank Select MSB : 3Part B15 Bank Select LSB : 88ProMapPart B15 Program Change : 48Part B15 Volume : 105Part B15 Panpot : R21Part B15 Reverb Send Level : 80Part B15 Chorus Send Level : 30Part B15 Delay Send Level : 60Part B15 Cutoff Frequency : +63Part B15 Resonance : +10Part B16 Bank Select MSB : 0Part B16 Bank Select LSB : 55MapPart B16 Program Change : 43Part B16 Volume : 122Part B16 Panpot : R46Part B16 Reverb Send Level : 60Part B16 Chorus Send Level : 30Part B16 Delay Send Level : 70Part B16 Cutoff Frequency : +63Part B16 Resonance : +10