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Soundtrack Of An RPG.mid
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CopyrightCopyright © 1999 by Shawn Overn
Track 0
NameSoundtrack of an RPG
TextShawn Overn aka A Blue Guitar

I hope this is good. It's my entry for RPGamer's C-Midi contest.

You can probably figure out why I called it "Soundtrack of an RPG" if you actually listen to it.

Does the title suit it? I think so. It just popped into my head and I thought, "Hey! What a great name!"

I put way too much work into this. Next time, I'll stick to something simpler, k?

Track 1
NameSoundtrack of an RPG
Track 2
NameBy: A Blue Guitar
Track 3
NameIs it any good?
Track 4
NameI seem to think so!
Track 5
NameMy entry for CMID1
Track 6
NameEven if I dont win,
Track 7
NameI still think it rocks.
Track 8
NameDon't you?
Track 9
NameIf you dont I wont like you
Track 10
NameSo there :P
Track 11
NameThis was composed on a
Track 12
NameSoundBlaster PC164
Track 13
NameSweet . . .
Track 14
NameI have listened to it on
Track 15
Namelesser sound cards and
Track 16
Namethe only bad diffs are
Track 17
Namethe kalimba and the
Track 18
Namechoir ahs