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Title 1.mid
File size20 Kb
Track 0
Track 1
NameXena:Warrior Princess
Track 2
NameExtended Main Title
Track 3
Name Timpani
Track 4
Name 2nd Timpani
Track 5
Name Orchestral Drums
Track 6
Name 1st strings
Track 7
Name Pizzicato Strings
Track 8
Name 2nd Strings
Track 9
Name Lead Trumpet
Track 10
Name Harmony French Horn
Track 11
Name Clarinets
Track 12
Name Harp
Track 13
Name 2nd Trumpet
Track 14
Name Church Bells
Track 15
Name Tuba
Track 16
Name Choir #1
Track 17
Name Choir #2
Track 18
Name Deep Drum
Track 19
Name SFX #1
Track 20
Name SFX #2
Track 21
NameMusic Written by: Joseph LoDuca
Track 22
NameSequenced by: Ryan Black
Track 23
Track 24
Name This MIDI file was composed
Track 25
NameMay 4th-May 19th, 1997.
Track 26
NameI'm always improving it, you may
Track 27
Namewant to check it's original home
Track 28
Namefor the latest version. The
Track 29
Nameaddress of my Xena Web-Site is:
Track 30
Track 31
Name You are free to use this file
Track 32
Namefor whatever purpose you deem
Track 33
Namenecessary, so long as you
Track 34
Namegive credit where credit's due:
Track 35
Namethis was *not* the easiest song
Track 36
Nameto sequence!
Track 37
Name Battle On, Xena!