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CopyrightCopyright © 1995 by James Kometani. All rights reserved.
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Rhythm Tracks
TextJames Kometani
Key=Abm Meter=4/4 Tempo=116bpm
Reggae Rhythm Tracks

In Reggae, the big downbeat is the third quarter-note in a 4/4 measure. This is traditionally where the kick drum hits. The organ plays chords on the upbeat, and the bass is typically the most harmonically active part. In this case, the clavinet is us

There are 3 sections which are 8 bars in length.

Section A - The chord progression alternates between Abm to Gb. The bass line is descending.

Section B - Variation on section A. The clavinet part evolves.

Section C - Variation on section A. The percussion is more complex and the bass line is now ascending.

You can mute any track by double-clicking on the checkmark in that track.

If you prefer to play in another key, use the Key+ column in the Track pane to move all non-percussion tracks up or down by half-steps. This can also be done by using the Edit | Transpose feature in Cakewalk.

Use Drag and Drop copying to make sections of music longer. Also, use copying and pasting functions to create new songs from these musical building blocks. Please refer to the Cakewalk User's Guide for specific instructions and tutorials.

For your convenience, markers have been inserted to define musical sections.

These Rhythm Tracks have been optimized for use with Roland GS, Yamaha XG and General MIDI modules.

Position your cursor on Track 1 ("Play-thru") to play along with the pre-recorded music. Change the patches in the Track pane to play different instruments.

Copyright (C) 1995 by James Kometani. All rights reserved.
Track 1
NamePlay-thru track
Track 2
NameSynth Bass 2
Track 3
NameOrgan 3
Track 4
Track 5
NameJazz Drumset