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I Exalt Thee.mid
File size25 Kb
Track 1
Name Marantha Music!
Track 2
Name 3rd Edition Song Book
Track 3
Name I Exalt Thee Song #9
Track 4
Name Music by Pete Sanchez Jr.
Track 5
Name Midi SeQuence by Jeff McAfee
Track 6
Name @1994 Midi Wonders Inc.
Track 8
Name Meets GS/GM Guidelines
Track 9
Name Exclusively For
Track 10
Name The Roland Sound Canvas
Track 11
NameAcoustic Piano
Track 12
NameFretless Bass
Track 13
NameVoice Oohs
Track 14
NameMelody (Piano)
Track 15
NameSynth Brass Runs
Track 16
NameSynth Brass
Track 17
NameRoom Drums
Track 18
Name Midi Wonders Inc.
Track 19
Name Serving Jesus Christ
Track 20
Name in the Pocono Northeast, Pa
Track 21
Name Want More? Call Jeff
Track 22
Name (717) 287-6347