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Beatles Medley 2 (Karaoke).mid
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NameSoft Karaoke
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The Beatles
Good day sunshine
good day sunshine
good day sunshine.

Little darling
it's been a long
cold lonely winter.

Little darling
it feels like years
since it's been here.

Here comes the sun
do do do do
here comes the sun

and I say
It's all right!
I look

at you all
see the love
there that's sleeping

while my guitar gently weeps.
I look
at the floor

and I see
it needs sweeping
still my guitar gently weeps.

Let me tell you
how it will be
there's one for you

nineteen for me
'Cause I'm the taxman
yeah I'm the taxman.

It's been a hard day's night
and I've been working like a dog.
It's been a hard day's night

I should be sleeping like a log.
But when I get home to you
I find the thing that you do

will make me feel all right.
You say you will love me
if I have to go.

You'll be thinking of me
somehow I will know.
Someday when I'm lonely

wishing you
weren't so far away.
Then I will remember

things we said today.
If I give my heart
to you

I must be sure
from the very start
that you

would love
me more than her
'cos I couldn't

stand the pain
and I
would be sad

if our new love was
in vain.
I got something to say

that may cause you pain
but catch you talking
to that boy again.

I'm gonna let you down
and leave you flat.
Because I've told you before

oh you can't do that.
Last night I said
these words to my girl.

I know you
never even try girl
Come on

come on
come on
come on

come on
come on
come on

come on.
Please please me
oh yeah like I please you

oh yeah like I please you
oh yeah like I please you.
If there's anything

that you want
if there's anything
I can do.

Just call on me
and I'll send it along
with love

from me to you
Oh yeah I'll
tell you something

I think you'll understand.
When I
say that something.

I wanna hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand

I wanna hold your hand.
You can boogie love disco
love that disco sound.

Move on your body
spinning round and round
Don't forget oh no!

Don't forget