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Ill Make Love To You.mid
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Track 0
Text1-Close your eyes, make a wish, and though I'll gain the light
for tonight it is your night we're gonna celebrate all trought the night
Pour the wine, light the fire girl you'r wish is my command,
My summit to your demands I will do anything girl you need only yes
REFRAIN: I'll make love to you, like you want me to, and I'll hold you tight
Baby all trought the night.
I'll make love to you, when you want me to and I will love you
girl do you tell me to.....
2-Girl it hurt's, let's go slow, I ain't not nowhere to go
I'm just gonna concentrate on you, girl are you really, there's gonna be a
long night....Throgh your clothes on the floor, I'm gonna take my clothes
out to, I'll be glad to be with you, girl whatever your asking you know I
can do......REFRAIN
3-Baby tonight is a night and I will do you right, just make a wish on your
night, anything that no else never give you, the love of your life, your
life, your life...REFRAIN....2 fois..
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