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The Window Up Above (Karaoke).mid
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Copyright@sequenced by [email protected] all rights reserved
Track 0
NameThe Window Up Above-George Jones
Track 1
NameSoft Karaoke
@IFile created with EasyKar95
@I(c) 1996-1997 V. Palleschi
@Ie-mail: [email protected]
Track 2
The Window Up Above-George Jones
Lyric sync: Anna Deshane
Track 3
NameBass (BB)
Track 4
NameDrums (BB)
Track 5
NamePiano (BB)
Track 6
NameGuitar (BB) (none)
Track 7
NameStrings (BB)
Track 8
NameSoloist (BB) (none)
Track 9
NameMelody Harmony (below)
Track 10
Name Generic 2Pt 3rds+6ths
Track 11
NameVoice 1 (Melody)
Track 12
NameVoice 2 (Harmony)
I've been living a new way of life that I love so
But I can see the clouds are gathering
and the storm will wreck our home
For last night he hugged you tightly
and you didn't even shove .
This is true for I've been watching
from the window up above
You must have thought that I was sleeping
and I wish that I had been
But it's best to get to know you
and the way your heart can sin
I thought we belonged together
and our hearts fit like a glove
But I was wrong for I've been watching
from the window up above
From my eyes a teardrop started as I listened on and on
I heard you whisper to him softly
that our marriage was all wrong
But I hope he makes you happy and you will never lose his love
I lost mine while I was watching
from the window up above
How I wish I could be dreamin'
and wake up to a love that's true
But I was wrong for I've been watching
from the window up above