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Alien Nation.mid
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Track 0
TextAlien Nation

Performed by: The Scorpions
Written by: Klaus Meine and Rudolf Schenker
From the album: "Face The Heat" (released in 1993)

This MIDI sequenced by "Hi-G" Lee Erickson
using Voyetra's MIDI Orchestrator Plus v2.11.16
on a 200MHz Pentium PC running Microsoft Windows 95
equipped with a Logitech SoundMan-16 stereo sound board
that uses the Yamaha OPL2/OPL3 v4.0 synthesis.

Track 1: Klaus Meine - Lead Vocals
Track 2: Rudolf Schenker - Lead Guitar
Track 3: / High Rhythm Guitar
Track 4: Matthias Jabs - Low Rhythm Guitar
Track 5: Medium Rhythm Guitar
Track 6: Ralph Rieckermann - Bass
Track 7: Herman Rarebell - Drums and Percussion
Track 8: Left "OOOH"
Track 9: Right "OOOH"

Date of MIDI release: April 30, 1998
Track 1
NameKlaus Meine - Lead Vocals
Track 2
NameRudolf Schenker - Lead Guitar
Track 3
Name / High Rhythm Guitar
Track 4
NameMatthias Jabs - Low Rhythm Guitar
Track 5
Name Medium Rhythm Guitar
Track 6
NameRalph Rieckermann - Bass Guitar
Track 7
NameHerman Rarebell - Drums and Percussion
Track 8
NameLeft "OOOH"
Track 9
NameRight "OOOH"
Track 10
Track 11
Name* "Alien Nation" *
Track 12
Name* by The Scorpions *
Track 13
Track 14
Name* MIDI sequenced by *
Track 15
Name* "Hi-G" Lee Erickson *
Track 16