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Two Guitars.mid
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CopyrightCopyright © 1996 by Morten Saether
Track 0
NameSystem Exclusive Reset Messages
TextMorten Saether

This Template includes three System Exclusive messages:

[1] GM Reset

[2] GS Reset

[3] XG Reset

These Sysx messages are useful if you need to re-initialize your GM/GS/XG compatible instruments. If you only need one of the Sysx messages, you can delete the two other Sysx banks (from the Sysx view).

All three Sysx messages are included with Cakewalk Professional and Pro Audio 4.5/5.0. However, users of Express and Home Studio will find this template most useful, as those versions of Cakewalk can't load separate Sysx messages.

Follow these instructions if you use Express or Home Studio, and you want to include one ore more of these Sysx messages at the beginning of every song:

[1] Open this Template.

[2] Go to File | Merge.

[3] Select a song.

[4] Go to Edit | Paste, and click OK.

[5] Re-save the file (as a .WRK file). If you specify the same name as the original file, you will be asked if you want to overwrite the original song. Click Yes, or specify a new name.
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